What is BUMP?

Boise Underground Music Pages (BUMP) recognizes the unique musicianship and talent that is regularly showcased to our live music community. As a supporter of live music performers, it can often be difficult to know what non-local shows are coming as well as what local talent is performing on a monthly basis. BUMP aims to satisfy the communication between venues, artists, performers, and socialites by collecting and sharing information that is useful to these communities. It is our mission to support the local live music scene by collecting photos, information, and stories related to these events and their participants. It is our understanding that the artistic talent that performs here in boise is only limited by their ability to inform the community of what they are working on and where they can be found. We hope that we can support what you love about our local music scene and help foster a greater success for those who have made it their purpose to host music events and concerts.

Who is BUMP?

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